by David Glick

If you are tired of seeing all the ads on Facebook’s business pages and other pages on other websites (Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, etc), I have the perfect solution for you, and you can kill two birds with one stone. First, this solution will prevent almost all advertisements from popping into your browser, including those really annoying ones on Facebook business sites. Second, it will help improve the security of your computer.

So what is this miracle solution? Well, let’s ask this first: are you using Internet Explorer for your browser with Windows XP? If so, your browsing days are limited; HTML 5 (the new version of the web’s language) is becoming more prevalent on websites, which Internet Explorer 8 does not support. This means that those favorite websites you have will not display properly, give errors, or tell you to upgrade (Gmail is currently responding to IE8 in this manner). Also, IE8 is extremely insecure in comparison to all new browsers, rendering your computer more likely to get viruses and malware on compromised website pages. Therefore, you seriously will want to consider this solution…

And here it is: use Mozilla Firefox, available here, and install FREE Ad-Block Plus with Firefox after you install Firefox. (IE has an ad-blocker too, but it costs $30 for the full version!) You will beef up the security of your Windows computer AND you will see almost no advertising. Oh yeah, and Firefox will also import your favorites (called ‘bookmarks’ in Firefox) and cookies so the websites you go to in Firefox will know who you are when you get there. Firefox is just a little different than IE and is really nice once you get used to it. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that it likes to update itself and when you want to get on the Internet sometimes you have to wait a minute as the update automatically takes place. Give Firefox a whirl – I am sure you will appreciate it!

If you are in the Phoenix or Verde Valley areas of Arizona and need help with your computer or network, please contact us today! We also perform remote access sessions for anyone in the English-speaking world and can resolve your problem as long as you can get on the Internet with the computer having the issue (minimum US $45 charge).