The Equifax breach is still in the news; now we find out that the breach occurred 5 months before they released the information…/equifax-is-said-to-suffer-a-hac…

What are the chances that your identity could become compromised due to this or any other breach? The answer is – no one really knows. We do not have access to the exact information that was stolen, or who stole it, or why they stole it. Therefore answering this question is impossible at this time, unfortunately, due to the lack of valid information. But – there are things that YOU can do to protect yourself!

What can you do to protect yourself for now and in the future?

1) Monitor your credit report. Sign up for Credit Karma which gives you a free credit score whenever you want from multiple agencies including Equifax. Credit card companies like Capital One offer free monitoring with many of their accounts.

2) Sign up for a paid credit monitoring service such as LifeLock or IDShield – they will not only monitoring your credit but help you fix it if something goes wrong.

3) Be wary of who you give your information to – never provide your SSN or birthdate to anyone on the Internet unless you are absolutely sure you can trust that it will be protected.

4) NEVER let anyone into your computer unless you know the LOCAL COMPANY. So many scams going on today where the bad guys sweet-talk you into allowing them to remote into your computer, then it is a free-for-all with any of your private information.

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