Here is your free Speed Up Your Slow Computer Tip Sheet as you requested!


Although we have provided many steps here that are easy to follow, many of our clients want to avoid the hassle of fixing their computers themselves. If you would like help speeding up your slow computer just fill out this simple form and you will contacted by one of our computer specialists generally within 2 business hours.


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Here are many possible reasons why your computer may be slow and ways to make it faster:


    • THE PROBLEM: TEMPORARY FILE CLUTTER – Your computer may have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of useless temporary files hiding from your view which bog down your hard disk drive.
      THE FIX: CCleaner, an awesome cleanup program available at, will destroy most temporary files on the computer. It does not remove them from all places, but it is a great start.

    • THE PROBLEM: PHYSICAL MEMORY EXHAUSTION – Your computer may not have enough memory to run the applications you are running.
      THE FIX: Try closing some programs to see if this helps. The Task Manager in Windows or the Activity Monitor in Mac OS are great tools to help you determine if a memory issue is the cause of your slow computer.

    • THE PROBLEM: OPERATING SYSTEM CORRUPTION – Your computer’s operating system files may be scrambled causing your computer to run very inefficiently.
      THE FIX: The only resolution to this issue, especially in an older computer, is to save the data files, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall the operating system, drivers, software, and data files. This can an overwhelming job for the average computer user, but one that is easily handled by a professional computer specialist such as ours at Glick’s.

    • THE PROBLEM: OVERHEATING ISSUES – This causes extreme stress on the hardware along with slowness and shutting down on its own. If your computer is in a very dusty or smoky environment or you have a lot of pets and your computer is older than 6 months this could be the cause of slowness. You will want to feel the air from your fan when the computer starts getting warm. If there is no air coming out of the computer or the fan is very noisy (or it WAS very noisy then the noise stopped), you will want to shut your computer down immediately!
      THE FIX: Call a professional computer technician for an assessment as soon as possible.

    • OTHER HARDWARE ISSUES – The hard drive or other hardware may be bad (or going bad) which could cause your computer to run very slowly.
      THE FIX: Back up your data immediately if it is not already backed up. Then, make a list of the symptoms and when they occur, and consult with a professional computer technician.

    • THE PROBLEM: MALWARE – Your computer could be infected with malicious programs taking up the resources that would normally run the programs that you want. This also means that your computer could be functioning as a bot that the bad guys control.
      THE FIX: Download and install Malwarebytes (at and run a scan to see if you have been a victim of malware. It does a great job of getting rid of most malware.


    If your computer is extremely slow and you do not want the hassle of dealing with it, a professional technician such as those at Glick’s Mobile Computer Repair can take care of the problems for you, quickly, easily, affordably. You will feel much better knowing your computer is in capable hands and amazed at how much faster it will run after it has been professionally repaired by our computer specialists. Fill out our Simple Contact Form right away!