Yes, your slow computer can be made much faster.

Did you know: most slow computers can be fixed in an hour or less?


Here are some reasons why your computer may be slow:

    • Temporary File Clutter: Your computer may have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of useless temporary files hiding from your view which bog down your hard disk drive.
    • Physical Memory Exhaustion: Your computer may not have enough memory to run the applications you are running.
    • Operating System Corruption: Your computer’s operating system files may be scrambled causing your computer to run very inefficiently.
    • Overheating Issues: This causes extreme stress on the hardware along with slowness and shutting down on its own.
    • Other Hardware Issues: The hard drive or other hardware may be bad (or going bad) which could cause your computer to run very slowly.
    • Malware: Your computer could be infected with malicious programs taking up the resources that would normally run the programs that you want. This also means that your computer could also be functioning as a ‘bot’ that the bad guys control.

    How would you know which of these causes are making your computer slow? Some people think they might know the answer, but in reality a trained professional has the experience and knowledge to discover what the actual problems are with your computer.

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