Yes that’s right – another day, another method of trying to get our information from us, and guess what? They are going to get it – from somebody somewhere that is not paying attention. This time it is in the form of a phishing text message, which for many of us is a brand new low that we are seeing the bad guys stoop to, all in the name of stealing our valuable passwords.

Because YOU are reading this, YOU are paying attention!

Here is the message:

“We removed the abusive content that was posted on your facebook account” then it had a link that went to a fake login facebook page where the bad guys try to get our information.

PLEASE PLEASE Do NOT give the bad guys your credentials for ANY of your logins! Also, please spread the word about this. I guarantee you that someone somewhere will fall for this – just don’t let it be one of your friends or relatives.

Remind them to NEVER click on any link that they are unsure of, even if it came from their best friend or closest relatives. People get themselves in HORRIBLE trouble by clicking the wrong things, and before they know it, their computer is infected or their identity is stolen.

These messages can come from email, text message, instant messenger, any web page and any social platform. Be prepared, be smart, and just say NO!

For more information on the scams that bad guys try to force on us every day, go to this website.