by David Glick

Occasionally I will perform searches on Google to find my competitors, just as every business person should. Lately, however, I have noticed that Google search results for the term ‘computer repair’ have resulted in the first page or two just being directories of computer companies. I find this to be odd because the reason I was searching Google was to find local companies that perform computer repair, not to find directories that I have to search in again. Do you feel the same way?

This is quite frustrating as I find these results to be much less than helpful. So if you are looking for a reliable computer company, and Google will not provide us with accurate results, what IS the best way to find a reliable computer technician company?

One way is to ask your friends or relatives if they have any experience with a local computer technician company. Many times someone you know can refer you to someone that is reliable and knowledgeable in their field. If this not possible, another way is to look in the yellow pages of the phone book. Many computer companies are listed in the typical yellow pages. The problem I have found with the yellow pages is that some companies go out of business since the date of publication, leading to a waste of time trying to make phone calls to companies that are still in business.

What’s next? There is at least one online search engine that still provides real search results – Yahoo! (and Bing since they are one in the same now). That’s right – do a search for yourself and you will find that you come up with real companies, not just directories, in the first couple of pages of results. Impressive, right? That’s the way it really should be.

I hope this article on finding a reliable computer technician company has been helpful to you. If you are in the Phoenix or Verde Valley area of Arizona please consider giving us a call for help with your computer issues at 602-515-1733 or 928-649-3032. Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you!