Glick’s Mobile Computer Repair and Business IT Services provides world-class IT support, computer and networking setup, rescue, and repair, and Mac and PC laptop and tower repair to homes, home offices, and small businesses with 25 or less workstations and up to one server in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Owner Dave Glick and his certified technicians have one primary goal on every service call: to bring you great service and resolve ALL of your issues the first time, in the most efficient, friendly, and affordable way possible.

When you call us you are treated as a person, no matter what your knowledge level, and spoken to with respect and in plain English so you can understand what we are saying the first time.

We bring nearly two decades of professional computer repair experience with us on every call. Please check our 5 star rating on Yelp at any time and peruse the reviews our clients have left for us over the years. We are no-nonsense straight-shooters and honest to the bone. You will read those facts in every single one of our online reviews.

You may call us at anytime. We always return calls (as long as our technology has not failed us!) and we offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone regarding your issues, no strings attached.

If we can resolve your issue over the phone or point you in the right direction, great!! We are very happy to do so! If that is not possible, then we can discuss our paid options. Again, no strings attached and no obligation. That’s how business should be done, and that is how we do it every single day.


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1) You will gain time, productivity, and peace of mind. We look for and correct system problems and bottlenecks that cause you to lose time and productivity. You don’t want to wait for your computer to do something – this is why you hire us. If your system is beyond reasonable repair we can make recommendations to overhaul or replace it.

2) We are budget-sensitive to your needs, but we won’t let you get away with cheap. When you try to go cheap, you may pay less now but you will definitely pay a lot more in the future – in wasted time and productivity. We do not take this issue lightly, especially considering your business and even more so when you have to pay employees to sit around and waste their time waiting for their computers. That wasted time adds up and multiplies quickly. Based on this paragraph and considering the options, which approach would you take for your business?

3) We verify that you have a backup plan, and that it works and that it will be available in case of an emergency. Many businesses and residential clients think they have a backup plan but they really don’t, or it hasn’t worked in months. Verifying you have a working backup plan gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected when (not if – because it will happen) your computer crashes or your hard drive fails.

4) Your questions are answered – in a meaningful and down-to-earth way whenever you seek the answers to your issues. There are never dumb questions and we are always available to answer your questions for you. Knowing that you have a technician that can make sense for you of the technical issues that come up in our daily lives gives you peace of mind.