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How We Work

When you call Glick's, The Best Mobile Computer Repair in Phoenix and Verde Valley AZ and Business IT Services in Phoenix and Cottonwood AZ , you will be assisted with a smile. We pledge to help you for absolutely no charge over the phone for up to 15 minutes (please note - we may need to arrange to call you back for your up to 15 minute consultation)!

WE are the ONLY company that offers a FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED REPAIR! If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone and we determine that a service call is required for your computer or networking issue, we can set up a paid appointment that works for your schedule. Many times we can provide same day service if it fits into your schedule.

Our computer repair rates are very reasonable; we never charge a travel charge in our service area, and we are always straight up regarding our charges with no surprise mystery or travel charges, ever. We promise to resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Call Glick's Mobile Computer Repair in Phoenix today. You will be calling people that love to help people like you with their computer issues - we guarantee it. We fix or guide you with what others cannot - every single time. 602-515-1733

Actual Yelp Reviews

I chose Glick"s Mobile Computer Repair to setup my new computer based on the positive Yelp reviews as well as Glick's professional and informative web site. I could not have done better. John is very personable and has impressive computer knowledge as evidenced by how efficient and thorough his work was. My setup was somewhat involved, but that certainly was no issue for John. He answered my questions in non-geek, meaning I easily understood his explanations. And he gave me helpful tips about Windows 10. Great job -- completely satisfied. You can't go wrong using Glick's for your computer issues! - Gary T.
This is my first review. Had to do it, because John was so helpful over the phone. He could have said he would have to see my problem in person to diagnose anything, and then charge for an on-site call, but he didn't. He explained that's not how they run their company. I highly recommend Glick's Mobile as a company that will look out for YOUR best interests. Thanks again, John. - Maddie V.
I called Dave on Sunday to schedule an appointment to repair a brand new PC that was dead on arrival. He called back late Sunday night and although it was too late for him to stop by he went over some steps I could take to check the system myself. I followed his advice and traced the problem back to a faulty power supply. Dave is the best! - Al R.
Superb skill, outstanding customer service, whiplash turnaround time and Reasonable pricing! You can't go wrong by calling Dave Glick. He reloaded our operating system, installed a new hard drive we bought for our computer and increased the RAM. We shopped for a new computer first and could get nothing even close to what we have now after Dave worked on our ASUS. It's a little rocket ship now with a big hard drive and everything works perfect. We paid for him to load lots of our software on and he made sure it all worked perfect. If you are looking for a smart geek, good person with old fashioned values whose business reflects that- look no further. Call Dave and let him work on your stuff. - Pinina Z.
I recently had to have Windows 're-installed on my laptop. I found Dave to be knowledgeable and professional, and his prices were reasonable. I appreciated his expert advice, and his availability for any residual issues or questions(of which there were none, but nice to know I could call if there were any). I was very happy with the service he provided and would recommend him. - Kathy W.